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The Bug Boys book cover

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A smelly twist on the superhero origin story!

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Geroge Pringate's Last Hurrah book cover

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A story about discovering the value of live and finding forgiveness, after death.

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The insects have all gone! The planet Earth is doomed!

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About the Author

Photo of author, Stewart Hoffman

Stewart Hoffman was born in Doncaster, England, and his interests have always gravitated towards the creative arts.

A fan of science fiction and fantasy, Stewart’s favorite authors are Douglas Adams, Terry Pratchett, Harry Harrison, Michael Poore, and John Scalzi.

Those creative influencers and Stewart’s experiences growing up in England inspired him to write his first two novels, The Bug Boys, and The Bug Boys vs. Professor Blake Blackhart; a set of humorous science fiction books for advanced middle-grade readers, or adults looking for a quick entertaining read. A third and final book in the series, The Bug Boys and the Bullet Ant Queen, is currently under construction and should be available in 2020.

In his third book, George Pringate’s Last Hurrah, Stewart wanted to explore themes such as anxiety and depression. Unable to take anything too seriously, however, he filters everything he writes through his sense of humor, informed by decades of classic British and American sit-coms, movies, and books.

George Pringate's Last Hurrah

This book made me reflect on what I've done with my life and whether just existing without doing harm is enough. It's a unique take on second chances and finding the light at the end of the tunnel.

Review by Liza Cordero
The Bug Boys

The Bug Boys is one of those rare gems of a story that engages you on all senses. It’s also one of the few books I’ve enjoyed so much that I read it again straight away after finishing.

Review by Ruth Brown
The Bug Boys vs. Professor Blake Blackheart

If you like the first, this one is a must. Like all origin stories, the first book has the difficult job of explaining everything. Now that is out of the way we can get on and have a full on, wacky, good guys versus bad guys adventure.

Review by Jon Bruton